Dolbrenin Stud dogs

FTAW Dolbrenin Otto

Dolbrenin Otto is a handsome ,stylish, black dog with traditional cocker confirmation.

Oliver has an impeccable pedigree . His sire   FTCH Misselchalke Frantic  is a renowned hard hunting sire. His dam, FTCH Tudorbriar Swift is from two Championship winners - FTCH Randalyn Black Jazz and FTCH Mallowdale Xfactor both parents winning their championships on ice.

                                             FTCH  Maesydderwen Scimitar

FTCH Misselchalke Frantic

                                              FTCH   Tudorbriar Moonstar


                                                FTCH Mallowdale Xfactor

FTCH Tudorbriar Swift

                                                FTCH Randalyn Black Jazz

   FTW Pathfields George of Dolbrenin

                                                  FTCH Dardnell Dealer

FTAW Mallowdale Jamie

                                                  Cidwr Gold Dust

                                                  Crannogview Mickey

Hatchforth Cinammon

                                                  Misselchalke Chancy